Wreath service


In order to keep our cemetery well-maintained and clean, the grass must be cut on a weekly basis starting in April and ending in November depending on the ground condition. Mowing starts on Wednesday and ends on Thursday. To complete this task within the allocated time frame, we must remove all items deposited on the ground. Since we do not have the resources available to keep an inventory of all items found on the ground, we must throw them away.

For those who wish to pay tribute to their dear ones by laying flowers or other objects on the Veteran's plot for a specific period, the National Field of Honour has some wreaths available which may be laid in front of the marker for a period of time according to the contributor's desire. The fact that the wreaths are part of our inventory, we can remove them temporarily during the mowing period and set them back in their location for the duration chosen by the contributor.

Wreath Offer

As a Non-Profit organisation and to help us support our cause, we offer in accordance with the donation stated in the table below, a wreath to be laid in front of the marker. You will receive a tax receipt for your donation.

We offer wreaths of 3 different sizes 24—20—15 inches in diameter. The wreath selection will be offered on a « First come—First Serve » basis and provided according to what's available in our inventory.