Eligibility criteria

(Approved by the Quebec Branch board of administration on January 23rd, 2014)

Burial at the National Field of Honour is reserved for:

  • Any Canadian and Allied veteran who served in World War II or the Korean conflict, including members of the Canadian Merchant Navy.
  • Any member of the Canadian Forces who has completed the basic course or who died while on duty.
  • Any former member of the Canadian Forces honorably discharged and who has completed the basic course.
  • Any member or former member of the Canadian Forces, of the Royal Canadian Mounted police or other Canadian police forces who served in Special Duty Area or Special Duty Operation, or who has been appointed to serve under such Special Duty and who died during pre-deployment training.
  • Any Last Post Fund Director who served a minimum of twelve years as Director.
  • Members of the immediate family of a qualifying person, and the dependants identified in this person's military records (PE 806), up to a maximum of six persons per lot.
Immediate family: Father, mother, brother, sister, or a person who had responsibilities and served as a father or a mother.