Eligibility criteria

(Approuvé par le CA Filiale du Québec le 23 janvier 2014)

Burial at the National Field of Honour is reserved for:

  1. Any Canadian and Allied veteran who served in World War I, World War II, or the Korean conflict,including members of the Canadian Merchant Navy (note 1);
  2. Any member of the Canadian Forces (note 2) ;
  3. Any former member of the Canadian Forces honourably discharged and who served a minimum ofthree years (note 3) ;
  4. Any Honorary Colonel or Lieutenant-colonel having completed a term in such capacity;(February 11 2021) (note 7)
  5. Any member or former member of the Canadian Forces, of the Royal Canadian Mounted police or otherCanadian police forces who served in Special Duty Area or Special Duty Operation, or who, having beenappointed to serve under such Special Duty, died during pre-deployment training (note 4) ;
  6. Any veteran of an armed force who’s country was an allied of Canada at the time of service, who washonourably discharged or has been permitted to honourably resign or retire, and who has establishedpermanent residence in Canada. (note 8)
  7. Any Last Post Fund Director who served a minimum of twelve years as Director (note 5) ;
  8. Members of the immediate family of a qualifying person (note 6) (note 6A).
Immediate family: spouse, de facto spouse, father, mother, brother, sister, child or a person who had responsibilities and served as a father or a mother.

(Approved by the CA Subsidiary of Quebec on January 23, 2014)

Explanatory Notes (for the benefit of employees and administrators of the Last Post Fund)

  1. This category is kept as a memory of the past history of the Last Post Fund, even though it is now includedin the two next categories; the reference to the First World War has been kept for historic reason.
  2. The sole mention of any CF member is sufficient as it includes all members of the following componentsof the Canadian Forces: Regular Force and Reserve Force constituted by s. 15 of the National Defence Act,and Special Force constituted by s. 16 NDA. This category aims at all cases where a service member dies nononly during any service in or out of a Special Duty Area, but also as long as the service member is a memberof the CF, thus covering periods or rest or holidays, or of non-activity during Reserve Class A service.
  3. The Board of Directors of the Quebec Branch has considered three proposals, ie the honourable dischargeafter the recruit training, the honourable discharge after the trade training, and the honourable discharge afterthree years of service. This last proposal has been retained unanimously, as it corresponds to the end of theinitial period of service and includes most of the different trades training, the length of which variesconsiderably. The honourable discharge is a necessary prerequisite.
  4. The purpose here is to grant police personnel serving on UN missions the same benefits as is granted toservice members. This category also refers to service members having served in Special Duty Areas, or duringa Special Duty Operation, and who might have been released from the CF prior to having completed the threeyears of service provided for in the previous category; this mention seems essential despite the partialredundancy.
  5. This category is kept, having been confirmed some years ago.
    • It was felt necessary, to avoid any confusion, to clarify the concept of immediate family. The veteran orhis representative shall submit the military or civil status documents establishing the close relationship withthe veteran.
    • A) A second spouse of an admissible service member, veteran, or policeman may be included amongst themembers of the immediate family (11 February 2021)
  6. Category added for clarification; the executive committee will grant the final approval..(15 octobre 2020)
  7. For service members having served in the Vietnam war or any other event having a military connotation,the Executive Committee rules on each case received, taking into account the interest of the Canadian Government and/or of groups representing Canadian veterans. (15 October 2020).