Rules and Regulations


The National Field of Honour offers the following types of plot:

  • Plot for 2 caskets;
  • Plot for 2 caskets and 4 urns;
  • Plot for 2 urns;
  • Plot for 4 urns;
  • Plot for 6 urns;
  • Niche in our columbarium with a capacity of 2 standard size urns.
A maximum of 6 immediate family members including the eligible member may share a common plot.

If the eligible member already rests in a plot at the National Field of Honour, his/her immediate family members may purchase a family plot with a capacity to accommodate up to 5 members. This limitation is based on the fact that the first two (2) lines on the marker are reserved for the Veteran and indicate where he/she rests in the National Field of Honour.

Although the niche in the columbarium is limited to 2 urns, immediate family members may purchase as many niches as they desire. The name of the eligible member must be engraved on each niche purchased by the family.

Only one marker shall be placed on any plot. The inscription on the marker will be done in the weeks following the interment of the deceased. The marker shall be inscribed in accordance with the Last Post Fund approved specifications. Markers will only be purchased and engraved after the internment of the deceased. Dimensions of the flat granite marker provided by the Last Post Fund are:

Normal Plot Family Plot:
  • Height 30,48 cm (12 in.) Height 35,56 cm (14 in.)
  • Width 50,8 cm (20 in.) Width 50,8 cm (20 in.)
  • Thickness 7,62 cm (3 in.) Thickness 7,62 cm (3 in.)
Family Plot:
  • Height 35,56 cm (14 in.)
  • Width 50,8 cm (20 in.)
  • Thickness 7,62 cm (3 in.)
Note: All markers will be placed in line at the head of the plot.

The size of the Columbarium niches (one cubic foot) restricts the dimensions of the urns to a maximum of:
  • Height 29,85 cm (11 3/4 po.)
  • Width 29,85 cm (11 3/4 po.)
  • Depth 14,6 cm (5 3/4 po.)
Note: The urn must not exceed these measurements.


Families may request that a deceased person's remains be exhumed and moved to another cemetery. Any person who submits a request to the National Field of Honour's management for an exhumation must include all required authorizations as stipulated in the Burial Act (LRQ., cI-II). Exhumation costs shall be borne by the person submitting the request.


Families may wish to place tributes on a grave. These must be fresh cut flowers and special receptacles are provided for this purpose. Floral tributes will be removed after their appearance is no longer suitable. Placing artificial flowers, wreaths, miniature flags, etc. is allowed during national holidays and special memorial celebrations. Such tributes will be removed by cemetery personnel after a reasonable period. Christmas and Remembrance Day wreaths are accepted for a limited period. The National Field of Honour is not responsible for the safekeeping of memorial tributes.

Conduct of Visitors

Visitors to the National Field of Honour are welcome seven days a week. They must maintain a dignified conduct and see that children respect the dignity of the site. Vehicles shall be driven and parked only on the paved roads of the cemetery for which the speed limit is 25 km/h.

For security and cleanliness purposes, it is forbidden to walk animals in the National Field of Honour.

It is forbidden to spray or deposit the ashes of a family member in or on a plot without specific approval from the Last Post Fund. Family members are encouraged to purchase family plots available at the National Field of Honour.