The Last Post Fund provides a perpetual burial right to all eligible members who choose the National Field of Honour as their final resting place.  The Last Post Fund is committed in providing perpetual care maintenance for his cemetery.


The perpetual maintenance care service is defined as the general care services for the whole cemetery.  Those services includes the following tasks: 

  1.       Mowing and maintenance of the grass as well as seeding;
  2.       Ground repair and levelling; (This task takes place on a section at a time and by priority)
  3.       Planting, fertilizing and maintenance of annuals in many flower beds located throughout the cemetery
  4.       Trimming of over 1000 linear feet cedar hedges;
  5.       Road maintenace and snow clearing in winter;
  6.       Maintenance of all monuments;
  7.       Building maintenance; and
  8.       Marker replacement. (See note below)

Note: The National Field of Honour will bare the cost of marker replacement only if the maintenance personnel is responsible for damaging the letters on the marker.  Chips off the side of  a marker are bound to happen as a result of snow removal for winter burials and hit from mowing blades on marker that moved out of place due to ground movement (frost and defrost).  Damaged markers can be replaced at any time at the family members' request at their own expense.




The maintenance of the individual plot is the responsibility of the family. The family may clean or clear the marker from the grass that may have buried the marker over time.


To avoid any injuries, the family is not authorized to manipulate the marker.


Family members of the Veteran  may wish to place tributes on a grave. These must be cut fresh flowers and special green receptacles are provided for this purpose.  They can be found in green boxes located in special places in the cemetery.

The grass is cut on a weekly basis starting on Wednesday morning and ending on Thursday.  Since the field must be cleared before the mowing, it is suggested that any tributes be placed after the mowing.





With the frost, defrost and other factors out of our control, the ground will sink, the marker will move out of their location and darken or might have darkened over time. With over 16,000 markers, it is pratically impossible to maintain them all. For certain families, it is important that their plot looks clean and straight. Therefore, it is possible to provide individual care on family plots as described below:


Fees    Service Provided
$200.00    Levelling of a casket plot, sod installation, levelling and cleaning of the marker.
$150.00    Sod installation or seeding, levelling and cleaning of the marker on a casket plot.
$100.00    Levelling of an urn plot, sod installation, levelling and cleaning of the marker.
$  50.00    Levelling and cleaning of a marker.