Memorial Chapel


A small memorial chapel is located within the Gate of Remembrance and may be used by families or associations at time of burial. The chapel must be reserved – at no cost – when burial arrangements are made. Families of the deceased are responsible for making their own specific arrangements for religious and other ceremonies. Guidance in that regard may be provided by the Last Post Fund Québec Office.




The burial fee at the Last Post Fund National Field of Honour is quite competitive. Burial rates are reviewed periodically by the Québec Board of Directors. A minimum deposit must be made at time of reservation and payment in full at the time of the first interment.

The fees include:

Note: perpetual is defined as the absolute indefinite period of time.


In accordance with the National Field of Honour regulations, Maintenance of individual plot is ultimately the responsibility of the family who may as an example remove the grass around the marker that might hide the inscriptions.  Maintenance by the National Field of Honour personnel is available upon request.  Click on  « Our Services »


Our hours of operations are from Monday to Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm. Our office is closed on Sunday or on holidays.  We are opened on Saturdays upon request only. Additional fees will charged for interment on Saturdays.


To make a reservation:


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