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With a $200 donation an engraved stone with your name will be laid along Remembrance Lane at the National Field of Honour.

If you wish to contribute, please fill out the following form Click to download the form  and mail it to the address listed on the form.

Remembrance Day - November 11th, 2021 (Cancelled)

Commemorative Ceremony for the Veterans at the National Field of Honour 

Annual Commemorative Ceremony


To ensure the protection of all citizens against the COVID-19 virus and the complexity to organize a commemorative ceremony this year, a video clip has been prepared and will be broadcasted on social media and on our website to commemorate those who were interred at the National Field of Honour between January 1st, 2019 and October 31st, 2021


The National Field of Honour will be open to the public on November 11th, and immediate family members will be allowed to gather and pay tribute to their dear ones resting in the cemetery.


Sorry for this inconvenience!  We remain confident that you will be able to join us next year.


We will remember them.




Ground repair work and levelling of markers will start in November 2020 and shall be completed by November 2021 for Sections M,Q and U.

Ground repair work and levelling of markers will start in November 2020 in sections M,Q, and U.


The repair work will be executed in three (3) phases:

Phase 1: The markers were removed from their respective location in November 2020 and the sections will be levelled starting in June 2021.

Phase 2: To reduce marker movement, grids will be installed in each rows of markers.

Phase 3: The markers will be placed back in their respective location during the month of August 2021 and sod will be installed in the sections in the Fall of 2021.


This project is financed through the Veterans' marker repair program of the Federal Government.